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Melanie Rios

As many pornstars nowadays, Melanie Jane decided it would be a good decision to change her name to Melanie Rios. In an Adult DVD named “Teen Idols 7″ She is already starring under her new name.

You may wonder why did she decide to do this? I don’t know the reason, but there could be a lot of possibilities.

One of them is search engines. When you google her name, Melanie Jane, the first spot is taken by an artist and singer who perfoms under the same name. Maybe the singer didn’t want to have the same name as a porn actress an asked her to change her name?

The choice of the name Melanie Rios is quite strange to me, as the search engine results for this phrase are also dominated by a woman under the same name. It is going to be very hard for other sites to rank, as most of the sites with this keyword are high authority sites like The New York Times, myspace and facebook.

My other favourite actress, Amia Miley, also had to change her name. Her name was Amia Moretti before. I actually know the reason why she decided to do that.

The reason is, that someaone has registered the domain “” once she did her first scenes. She got very angry, which she expressed on her blog and didn;t want anybody to “make money of her name”. So she decided to change her name to Amia Miley, and bought all domains containing this phrase. That didn;t stop her fans from creating web pages that rank well in search engines for her name.

Let’s hope that Melanie Rios won’t have to change her stage name again, and this beatiful teen pornstar will stay just as we love her :)